30 minuten presidentenpraat

DafjeObama gunt Rutte een half uur om de toestand in de polder te bespreken. Eén van de grootste pijnpunten van het Nederlandse volk bleek onderwerp van gesprek, maar niet zoals het zou moeten.

President O: “Welcome, please sit down….”
Ministerpresident R: “One moment, do you have change?”

O: “What? You start offending me? You know very well that a president has to make compromizes. It’s not up to you to judge me by the amount of change I realized”.
R:”No, no, sorry, I mean, do you have change?”

O: “I warn you, stop, or this shall be the shortest meeting a Dutch president ever had here”.
R: “Sorry sir, but I need change for the parkingmeter, otherwise I will be the only Dutch president who will be fined here”.

O: “Huh? You’re not here with a car of your ambassee? Then you can park on our site, next to the building”.
R: “No, we are working on a smaller administration. We’ve sold all the expensive automobiles and fired the chauffeurs. Even I have to travel with my own car”.

O: “What car do you ride?”
R: “An old, typical Dutch vehicle ofcourse. I came with a Daf”

O: “A Daf? Ha, ha, ha, ha, I know the Daf. In my younger hippiedays we travelled around with this Dutch shopping car. I still remember the smell of burning rubber when we did that trick of riding backwards as fast as we could”.
R: “You’ve been a hippie?”

O: “Ofcourse! I presume you once was a hippie too?”
R: “No, no, much to strange fo me”.

O: “But didn’t I once saw a picture of the Dutch president, looking like a hippie? That picture with an article about him traveling around the world and working in a kibbutz in Israel?”
R: “That was not me and certainly not the Dutch president!”

O: “Sorry man, then who whas this youngster?”
R: “Mr. Geert Wilders, we made  a deal with him”.

O: “Ah, mr. Wilders! The CIA told me….”
R: “Let’s not talk about that. Now please, do you have some change?”

O: “You need change very badly, isn’t it?”
R: “Yes. Please, please, please, give me some change!”

O: “Well, I don’t have any too. I had to hand in all my change to the Republicans. Otherwise they wouldn’t “gedogen” me. ‘Gedogen”, that’s how you call that in Dutch, isn’t it?”
R: “You are remarkably well informed, mr. President”.

O: “Yes, I dind't cut on my informationservices”,
R: “Ah, good idea, never cut on your intelligence”.

O: “So, here we are. Neither of us has any change, because we’ve had to hand it over to the ones who really rule our countries. What’ll we do now, Markie?”
R: “You want a ride in my Daf?”

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