Een kostbaar telefoontje.

cc Flickr Minister-president's photostreamOnze MP heeft gebeld met de Griekse minister-president en twitterde daarna dat hij hem erop heeft gewezen dat de Grieken moeten voldoen aan alle eisen voor een nieuw programma. Een transcriptie van een paar kostbare, belasting verslindende belminuten.

R: Hi,Luc…
P: Who’s there?

R: It’s me, Mark!
P: Mark who?

R: Mark, from the Netherlands.
P: From the Neverlands?

R: No, no, from Holland.
P: Ah! You’re Dutch!

R: Yes, eh, no, I’m Mark.
P: You’re not Dutch?

R: Yes, ofcourse.
P: Well, what can I do for you, Dutchie.

R: Sorry, I’m not Dutchie, I’m Mark. The prime-minister of Holland.
P: Lucky bastard! But tell me, how did you became prime-minister? I can’t remember you’re name, so probably you’re not an ex-banker?

R: No, but I know a lot of bankers.
P: Ah, so that’s how you managed to become prime-minister!

R:No, no, I was elected, sort of…
P: Sort of, yes, that’s how things go. Now, what can I do for you?

R: I call to point you out that you have to comply with all requirements to a new program.
P: You point me out? Who do you think you are?

R: I’m Mark.
P: Yes, yes, and you’re prime-minister and you have nothing else better to do than making stupid phonecalls?

R: Well, it’s part of my job to…
P: To make lousy phonecalls?

R: Pardon me? I don’t think…
P: Exactly!

R: Exactly what?
P:You don’t think! You can’t even get your own budget straight, because of your disapointing tax revenues. That’s what you get, when you make people unemployed.

R: That’s not of your business.
P: If my unemployed people are your business, then your unemployed people are my business.

R: Hm, well, I made my point. I’m going to hang up now.
P: Oh, sorry, I didn’t ment to be that cruel to you.

R: Huh?
P: Don’t hang yourself!

R: No, I mean I have to stop this phonecall now.
P: Why?

R: My time is precious. I have more things to do.
P:  Oh? What do you do more, besides making phonecalls?

R: I have an urgent tweet to make.
P: Long live a nation in crisis, led by a prime-minister who has time for phonecalls and twitter.

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