Van der Hoeven belt MSD

Van der Hoeven belt MSD Minister van Economische Zaken, mevrouw van der Hoeven, gaat bellen met MSD, het Amerikaanse concern dat Organon ontmantelt.

MSD: Hello?
De minister: Oh, hello there. Your are speaking with the Dutch minister of economic affairs.

MSD: That’s nice. And how are you’re economics?
De minister: Well, not so best.

MSD: Oh, we’re sorry for you. Can we help?
De minister: You bet you can help!

MSD: We never bet, minister.
De minister: Okay, but you don’t help also. You’re closing down one of the Dutch pilmills.

MSD: No, we’re not!
De minister: Well, I’ve just met some very sad people who say they get the sack from you.

MSD: Let me think… eh.. you mean the factory in Oss?
De minister: Yes, and so many people are send away! Now I friendly want to ask, can you please keep some of them at work?

MSD: We’re not firing so many people.
De minister: Not? I think 2175 people are many people.

MSD: No, you’re wrong about that. That’s less than 50% of all the employees. We’re keeping more than 50% on our payroll.
De minister: Oh, that falls me with. But can you keep, let’s say, a 25% more in your service? I understand you’re company is doing fine, so you have the money to hold a few more people.

MSD: Well, we’re still doing nice. But as a minister of economics you surely know all about the impact and riks of the worldwide crises. We are forced to take some precautionary measures.

De minister: Ah, do not do so saltless. I want to break a lance especially for the high schooled employees.

MSD: Sorry, minister. Why don’t you give them some work?
De minister: Where then?

MSD: Well, you do need highly qualified people to help the Netherlands develop to an important and meaningfull position on the worldwide innovation market?
De minister: Yes, but we believe that the industry must play a big roll in that. Now you have the money to play that roll. So come up, and do your social-economic duty.

MSD: May I remind you that in a free and democratic economy, the government has nothing to say about our finances?
De minister: Oh, that’s true also. I was forgotten that fot a little while.

MSD: Never mind. May we give you some advice?
De minister: Please do!

MSD: As a government, taking innovation seriously, invest more in your future.
De minister: Ah, thank you. We don’t have the money right now, but I’ll give this advice to the next government.

MSD: Good strategy! Anything else we can help you with?
De minister: Thank you. And yes, you can help. Do you also have pills for my terrible headache?

MSD: Sure. How many do you want? I think we have a interesting deal here for you.

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