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Dear Mr. Brown….

Dear Mr. Brown

Dear mister Brown,
Well, we now can say: you baked dzem brown, mister Brown. Wat an unbeliefabel sing to doe. Ofcos mister Wildman is not from all spots free, but beguilting him of hatesaying, you undermine the freedom of spietsj.

And now mister Wildman is engrie. So now the problem here will be greeter dzen befor. Hef you ever seen a engry wilderman from closeby? Thenk you, mister Brown!

Why did you not listen to our minister of outside business, mister Verhegen, or our primetime minister, mister Belkenende? Dont you hef any respect? If they come up for the freedom of spietsj, you could understend that it must be no problem to let mister Wilderman do his sing.

I agree wizz you that it is not all so nice what he say. It is also not always very smart, or consekwent, or intellidzjent. But is that a rieson to thriet him as the first the best statesdangerous type? I sink not!

Take an forimage of us. We have a lot of fun with him. Evrie time he gets a speedy debat in the house of parlement, we sit on the tip of our bank, with pensil and peper, waiting to wright down the newest mindtwists he makes. And let we be honest: evrie time he says “it's the islam, stupid!” we can be engrie because he calls us stupid, but we pull our shoulders up and sink: “what you say, are you self, poor bastard”.

I always toght Britisj piepel have a good feel for humor too. Here we loved a lot about your mister Bean. He is also a small minded person who has conflicts with the world around him, because the world in his head match not with the reality of all days. I sink, mister Brown, you wood not be amjoesd if we did not let mister Bean in our cuntry. Clowns like that always harm dzemselfs in the end.

So please, take back on your steps, in the case of free humor, and we send in our clown again.